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As a photographer Marianne Karssing is specialized in interior and architectural photography. Sometimes with, but mostly without model she approaches interiors as living spaces with character and soul and a story to tell. Images are both atmospheric but tight – distanced but personal. She has a good feel for colour, light, space and emotions.

In the past decade she worked on a regular base with Items, Knokke/ Brussels, Goldwood Antwerp, HRVI Antwerp, BK and DEPOT09 Ghent and for several short time projects. Beside interior photography she enjoys working with other creatives in fashion, theatre and art.

As an artist Marianne creates images that are often light, tight and naïve fresh on first sight but have more to tell when looking closer. Dark female with ceramic bullets around her neck..... a colourful but abandoned building with children drawings on the wall.... a room with 2 forgotten chairs. Pure and fragile portraits of city life or the remains of life that was once present.

Marianne Karssing (July,1975) was born in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. She moved to Amsterdam at a young age to study culture and sociology. About 10 years ago she came to Ghent were she first started experimenting with photography. Soon it became her great love and focus in life. As an autodidact she has a raw and intuitive way of working.